Fire Suppression


The Avra Valley Fire District (AVFD) is a fully staffed fire district that runs 8 fire fighters, 365 days a year.  There are 7 full-time fire fighters and 1 reserve fire fighter on duty every day at one of our 2 stations.  There are currently 21 full-time fire fighters, 1 Assistant Fire Chief and the Fire Chief.  A three platoon shift schedule is used at AVFD, with an A, B, and C shift. A 5/6 rotating schedule is used, where a fire fighter works every other day for 10 days (for a total of 5 days worked) and then gets 6 day off.

AVFD has two fire stations, #191 and #193 with a third fire station in the near future.  Currently, among the two stations there are 2 engines and 3 ambulances in service.  Each shift is capable of responding to structure fires, wild land fires, EMS calls, motor vehicle accidents, and hazardous material calls. The fire district is responsible for approximately 325 square miles and protects around 12,000 residents.

AVFD has mutual aid with several other neighboring fire districts to ensure the best possible care and timely responses available.