Board Meetings

Upcoming Board Meetings:

Board meeting dates may be subject to  change.  Our Board meetings will be held at 4:00 PM on the 4th Thursday of every month at Station 194 in Red Rock.   The time of day may change.

December 16, 2021   4:00 PM      ST 194     Red Rock       


FY22 Budget


 FY21 Budget


FY22  Calendar of Board Meeting Dates


You can view the FY20 Budget, as well as  prior Agendas and Minutes by clicking on the “Board of Directors” tab on the left menu and then selecting “Board Documents Library”.


December 17, 2020:  Chairman Castaneda, Jr., and Vice-Chairman Sara Bauer were recently re-elected to the Board of Directors.  The Honorable Vince Roberts performed their swearing-in at the December Board meeting. 

March 22, 2019:  Congratulations to Chairman Castaneda on 10 years of service to the District.  Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Avra Valley Fire District.  We really appreciate you! 

November 16, 2018:  Three Board members are sworn in for another term on the Avra Valley Fire Board.  Thank you for your commitment to the District Eric Neilson, James Haffner and Thomas Armendarez. 

September 27, 2017:  Avra Valley Fire Board welcomes new member,  James Haffner .

During 2016:   5-Year Service Pins were presented to Ms. Sara Bauer and Mr. Eric Neilson.  We appreciate you !   

During 2015:  After many years of dedicated service, Director Aleyna Lassen retired from the Board of Directors.  Thank you, Ms. Lassen, we really appreciate you!   The Board welcomed new member, Mr. Thomas Armendarez.