Avra Valley Fire District News


August 28th, 2020

Chairman Luis Castaneda, Jr., and Vice-Chairman Sara Bauer were recently re-elected to the Board of Directors for Avra Valley Fire District.  The Honorable Vince Roberts conducted their swearing-in at the Board meeting on December 17, 2020. 

Welcome to the Family! Paramedic Jeffrey Little, Paramedic Jadd Sarah, Firefighter/EMT Ryan Schobel and Firefighter/EMT Solana Contreras.   Congratulations on your badge pinning August 28, 2020.

Congratulations to Paramedic Tony Lopez for 5 years of service to the District.  Thank you!!  And, congratulations to Captain Dan Coody for his Award of Service and to Captain David Collings for his Award of Merit.  We are so proud of our Avra family!!! 

Avra Valley Fire District received a 100 Club Grant for swift water gear.  Take a look at the new equipment.

Our firefighters took third place in the annual chili cookoff.  Way to go Avra!

After a rigorous testing process, Firefighter David Collings was recently promoted to Captain.  Congratulations and way to go!

Congratulations for Captain Mike Tharp, Firefighter David Collings, Paramedic Karsten Lippert and Firefighter Chris George on 5 years of outstanding service to the District.  We really appreciate you!

Unit citation awards were issued for:

(1) a large scale motor vehicle accident on I10 in December 2018  involving 6 vehicles and the transporting of 8 patients.  The incident lasted over 7 hours.   

(2)  the successful technical rescue of an individual trapped under a vehicle.  And, Northwest Hospital recognized our firefighters who successfully transported an individaul having an MI from their front door to the hospital cath lab in 28 minutes.