St 194 front

April 18, 2014

The District and Pulte Homes have received the necessary letter of consent from the owners of the lot behind the new Station 194 giving us permission to move dirt onto their property during the construction process.  A renewed set of plans will be submitted to Pinal County on Friday, April 18,  which shows some changes in landscaping, signage, gates for seamless curb appeal, and an outdoor employee break area. Pulte has requested bids from a contractor recognized as the best in the State in assembling modular buildings. We are looking at a groundbreaking ceremony at the end of May and will continue to work with Pulte to make this a reality.

Station 192 floorplans are completed and Bezalel Builders have had preliminary meetings with Pima County Development Services. The full set of building plans are being drafted and will be submitted within thirty days. The metal has already been ordered.

We are now starting to look toward beginning work on Station 193.

March 19, 2014

Pinal County has completed their initial review of the civil engineering plans and has returned their comments.  While the list of items seems overwhelming, the experts are confident that the changes will be relatively easy to comply with. Most of the County’s comments related to notes that simply need to be written on the plans, such as heights of bushes and other sight barriers within visibility triangles. Other requirements will mean some retooling, such as revising the number of public parking spaces.   The placement of gutters, downspouts, curb cuts and certain landscaping elements also need further clarification on the drawings.  One challenge which we are currently handling with the civil engineer is clarifying the location of a required electrical  feed from the street to the transformer that has to extend underneath the retention areas and be encased in concrete.   These changes will be done and the civil plan will be resubmitted next week.  Pinal county then has 30 days to return a second round of comments.  If the new submission is accepted by the end of April, we would see contracts and approvals by mid-May.  The actual construction plans for the modular building were previously approved, so they should move through the final processes very quickly. Construction time is estimated at 60-90 days.  The District is inquiring if there are any steps we can take BEFORE the second round of comments comes back.  The foundation and engineering plans for the apparatus bay are being completed and should be submitted before the end of March.

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December 19th, 2013

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