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In 1957 the National Association of Fire Chiefs recommended using a single number for reporting fires. In 1967 a Presidential Commission recommended a single number for all emergencies.  So, in 1968 AT&T established 9-1-1 as the emergency code throughout the United States.  40 years later,  in 2008, Congress recognized April as National 9-1-1 Education Month.  Please checkout the following sites for more info:

911: The Number To Know       nena.org      911.gov      know911.org      911forkids.com



The Avra Valley Fire District is dedicated, caring professionals committed to safely serving the community of Avra Valley by protecting life and property through education, prevention, suppression and emergency medical services.   As part of this mission, the District has undergone significant transformation during the last two years. In January 2015, the District opened Station 194 in Red Rock.  During 2016, Station 191 on Silverbell Road was  remodeled and Stations 192 on Anway Road  and 193  in the Missile Base area  were rebuilt.  Through strong teamwork, the District has been able to manage tight resources and maintain expenditures in order to accomplish these badly needed upgrades to our facilities which will help ensure the safety of our firefighters as they serve the community of Avra Valley. As our Core Values state:

The members of the Avra Valley Fire District have committed to represent our organization with PRIDE: Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication, and sErvice.


Avra Valley Fire District News


April 14th, 2017

April 2017:   Avra Valley Fire District assisted with instructing  the IAFF Hazmat First Responder Operations Class for the Golder Ranch Fire Academy.   Avra Valley was given the opportunity to assist seasoned instructors to train new personnel in hazmat operation, as well as gain valuable experience learning how to instruct this material. Here are some picture of the practicals :  

April 8, 2017:  Avra Valley Fire District provided Easter festivities at the first annual Red Rock Spring Fling event.

March 2017:  Avra Valley Fire District was proud to participate in the Marana Founder’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 25.

February 2017:   Our Avra Valley Firefighters regularly participate in training exercises.  See our firefighters as they train for firefighting/rescue  in confined spaces..

Avra Valley Firefighters recently visited the Marana HeadStart Preschool and spent an evening reading with “Rocky” at the Roadrunner Elementary School.   Thanks for educating our community !!

2016 HIGHLIGHTS:  During 2016,  Avra Valley promoted 6 firefighers to the rank of Captain.  The District welcomed new firefighters, new paramedics, and issued service pins for 5 years – 10 years – and even 15 years of service to the District.  During the year, our firefighters responded to over 2000 calls, with over half of those calls requiring transport.  Additionally, our firefighters continued to build the Community ParaMedicine Program, and were deployed to several wildland fires.  Not only did our firefighters honor the Avra tradition of serving our residents with pride,  they also made time to actively participate in the community  including providing safety training in the schools, hosting tours of our stations, assisting with school functions, participating in the annual 9-11 Memorial StairClimb, hosting the annual Adopt-a-Family program,  and … winning the annual chili cook-off for the second year in a row!  Also during the year, Chief Delfs was honored for his many years of service as a first-responder with a special award from Congresswoman Martha McSally.   During 2015, Chief Delfs completed the Executive Fire Officer program at the National Fire Academy, and during 2016, Assistant Chief Klein completed all coursework and will soon be done with the EFO certification.  Further, our Board of Directors co-hosted a 6-hour training event for Board members and executive staff, welcoming attendance from several fire districts.

2015 HIGHLIGHTS:  During 2015, The District opened Station 194 in Red Rock, promoted 3 Captains, promoted 3 reserve firefighters to fulltime, awarded 5-year service pins, and gained a new Board member.  In addition to fire and emergency calls in the community, our firefighters were deployed to several wildland fires.   As well as regular physical training, our firefighters conducted many training events such as swift water rescue and helicopter landing pad safety. The firefighters hosted school tours, a holiday adopt-a-family program, and participated in community events such as the annual chili cookoff.  Also during 2015, Station 194 was chosen to house dust sensors as part of the severe weather warning system operated by the National Weather Service.

2014 HIGHLIGHTS: During 2014 the District promoted 1 Captain and 8 reserve firefighters to fulltime.  In addition to their annual adopt-a- family event, the firefighters participated in several community events including the 9-11 Stairclimb and a Veteran’s Dy Memorial service.  During 2014, the District was able to add 2 new ambulances to their fleet, as well as to completely refurbish frontline Engine 217.  And, in the summer of 2014, the District broke ground on their fourth fire station in the Red Rock area.