Upgraded Bond Rating For Avra Valley Fire District

We are VERY excited to share a bit of news with you related to our District. We just received notification from Moody’s Investor Services that they are upgrading our bond credit rating from a Baa2 to an A3. This change represents a full two tier upgrade which the Moody’s representative said, “happens very seldomly.”   Moody’s noted that our District has performed with  “strong fiscal management, a solid management team and conservative budgeting.”


June 15th through September 30th has been defined as “The Monsoon.” A period of extreme heat typically precedes daily rounds of thunderstorms. The heat is deadly in its own right, causing dozens of deaths in Arizona each year. In addition, thunderstorms present an array of hazards which often strike suddenly and with violent force.  In Arizona and New Mexico, lightning strikes, high winds, wildfires, tornadoes, flash flooding and extreme heat have caused an average of 10 deaths and 60 injuries along with tens of millions of dollars of damage each year since 1995. Road closures, as well as power and communication outages are additional consequences of monsoon weather hazards. Please visit monsoonsafety.org for more information related to the monsoon season including flooding, winds, lightning, dust storms and wildfires.


Governor Ducey has issued an outlook for an especially difficult wildfire season because of record dry winter conditions.  As of July 2018, large fire activity continues in 11 states where 1,130,233 acres have burned.  More than 14,200 firefighters and support personnel are assigned to wildland fires across the country.   Governor Ducey called on everyone to prevent fires across Arizona, where dry vegetation from the desert to pine forests has provided an abundance of fuel this year for destructive and sometimes deadly blazes.  “Please be extra-cautious this fire season as you enjoy the great outdoors in Arizona,” said Ducey, adding that the majority of the wildfires around the state are caused by people’s activities.  The season generally starts in the spring and continues through the fall, but wildfires can erupt anytime of the year.  State Forester Jeff Whitney said that this year, people who live in areas vulnerable to wildfires should be prepared in case they are called upon to evacuate their homes, and to cooperate with authorities if asked to leave.

Tips for Preventing Wildfires     Arizona Wildfire Information


Avra Valley Fire District News

Currently Happening in Our District

June 25th, 2018

Our firefighters maintain a rigorous training schedule.  On June 25-27, 2018, our firefighters are conducting a swift water training drill.

The 2018 Wildland Season has begun.  We are anticipating a severe fire season.  Three of our firefighters recently participated in a prescription burn in Southern Arizona, while another crew reported to the Pinery Fire.

Avra Valley Fire District coordinated 36 training classes for the Pima Regional Hazmat Program January-April 2018.  Multiple agencies (8 fire districts, Az State Troopers, Pima County Emergency Management, and poison control) participated in a car crash simulation involving a radioactive medication leak.

Congratulations to Lorrie Palmquist on 5 years of service to the District!

Congratulations to Paramedic Karsten Lippert, Paramedic Richard Roscoe, and Firefighter Paxton Moran on completion of the HazMat Technician training!

Take a look at some photos from Confined Space Training …


January 1st, 2018 Prior Year Photo Galleries are located under “Your Fire District” We are so proud of our Avra Valley family!  2017 provided many positive changes for the District.  Of significance, our District received an upgraded ISO Rating during 2017.  Please read more by clicking on the top right side menu item.   The 2017 wildland season was …READ MORE