***** PROP 461 *****

The Avra Valley Fire District Board of Directors has authorized an election to request authority from the residents of the District to increase the property tax levy limit from $3.25 to $3.50 for up to five years. The increase is necessary to maintain staffing levels throughout the five year period. The raised levy cap would cost the average homeowner $21.20 per year. This will be a mail–in ballot election only. Ballots will be mailed by Pima County on October 11, 2017.   Please read more information here.


September is a time to reflect on those first responders who gave the ultimate sacrifice on one of America’s darkest days.  Take a moment to honor the fallen 343 at the twin towers.  And,  take a look at an Army fire truck used during the 9-11 terror attack at the Pentagon.  The engine is now housed at the General Patton Museum in Fort Knox, Ky.

“A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.” – General Patton

During the month of September, the emphasis  will be on being prepared for emergencies. We all can take action to prepare, now and throughout the year, for the types of emergencies that could affect us where we live, work and visit.  Find more information on preparing for emergencies by visiting  the Department of Homeland Security site at                                                                        www.ready.gov

Red Cross Activity Book from Disney                        Family Emergency Plan 

Community Preparedness           Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities


Avra Valley Fire District News


September 12th, 2017

Wildland Season 2017:  Wildfires have burned several states this summer including, Arizona, California and Oregon.  Thank you to our Avra Valley Firefighters who have deployed to these fires.  Two of our firefighters celebrated birthdays while attending wildfires.  The community in Southern Arizona which was severly affected by the Lizard Fire presented a gift to our wildland firefighters.

2017 In The Community: Our District participated in the Marana Founder’s Day Parade.  In April, our firefighters participated in the Red Rock Spring Fling.  Throughout the year, our firefighters have conducted several school tours, participated in special school events,  and provided 150 backpacks to grade school children in the community. Thanks for all you do!

2017 Firefighter Training:  During 2017, our firefighters  participated in confined space training, hazmat training, and rope rescue training.  Good work everyone!

2017 Firefighter Achievements:  Congratulations to Assistant Chief Klein who completed his EFO certification at the National Fire Academy.  Congratulations to Firefighter Kyle Campbell who graduated from paramedic school in September.  And, congratulations to Captain Coody on achieving 10 years of service to the District.  Also, during 2017 we  welcomed two new firefighters. We are so proud !