Fire Safety During the Holidays and Winter Months

The holidays bring lots of hustle and bustle to our homes.  Be sure to remain safe by checking out some important cooking safety tips and other fire safety tips from the National Fire Prevention Association.  The NFPA  states that the top 3 days for candle fires are Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  The peak months for home heating fires are December, January and February.  So, stay safe and check out some important Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Home Fires.


The Avra Valley Fire District is dedicated, caring professionals committed to safely serving the community of Avra Valley by protecting life and property through education, prevention, suppression and emergency medical services.   As part of this mission, the District has undergone significant transformation during the last two years. In January 2015, the District opened Station 194 in Red Rock.  During 2016, Station 191 on Silverbell Road was  remodeled and Stations 192 on Anway Road  and 193  in the Missile Base area  were rebuilt.  Through strong teamwork, the District has been able to manage tight resources and maintain expenditures in order to accomplish these badly needed upgrades to our facilities which will help ensure the safety of our firefighters as they serve the community of Avra Valley. As our Core Values state:

The members of the Avra Valley Fire District have committed to represent our organization with PRIDE: Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication, and sErvice.


Avra Valley Fire District News


November 30th, 2016

November 30, 2016:  We are pleased to welcome Paramedic Richard Roscoe to the Avra Valley family. Also, congratulations to Captain Billy Eader for 15 years of dedicated service to the District.  You are an example to us all!   Also, congratulations to the following firefighters for giving 5 years of service to the District:  Firefighter Ryan Kreitner, Firefighter Ralph Hirales, Firefighter Brad Labanow, and Captain Jeremy Beatty.  We appreciate you all very much !!

October 22, 2016:  Congratulations to the Avra Valley Firefighters on winning the annual chili cook-off for the second year in a row!   Way to go Avra!

October 7, 2016:   Our firefighters received public recognition from the family of a baby girl recently resuscitated after a near drowning.  We are celebrating much happiness with the family and extending many thanks to our firefighters Chris Ing, Brad Labanow, Jason Bowden and Karsten Lippert.

September 28, 2016: Badges were pinned today for  FF/Paramedics Kaithlyn Bustamante and Brendon Jelenc.    Welcome to the AVFD family!

Also, several firefighters received 5-Year Service pins:  FF/Paramedic Randal Johnson, Firefighter Ricky Gillmore, Firefighter Izzie Martinez and Captain Jason Bowden.  Congratulations and thank you for your service to the District!

September 11, 2016:  Several of our firefighters participated in the 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb event.

September 2, 2016:  Avra Valley Fire District currently has a Type 3 Engine with a crew of 4 firefighters deployed to the Soberanes wildfire in California.  In June, the District deployed a Type 6 Engine with a crew of  3 firefighters to the Mule Ridge fire.

September 2, 2016:  Congratulations to Assistant Chief Ray Klein on his graduation from the National Fire Academy’s (NFA)  Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP). The EFOP is an arduous four year program which provides senior fire officers with a broad perspective on various facets of fire and emergency services administration.

August 24, 2016:  Avra Valley Fire District recently promoted 6 firefighters to the rank of Captain. Congratulations to all – we are so proud of you!   Captain John Hemmings, Captain Jacob Roberts, Captain Jason Bowden, Captain Mark Velasquez, Captain Michael Tharp and Captain Will Miller. 

August 24, 2016:  Avra Valley firefighters participated in a cookout at Road Runner Elementary

August 17, 2016:   Avra Valley Fire District was recognized by the Marana Chamber of Commerce at their Membership Appreciation Luncheon.   Kudos to the District for 19 years of membership.

July 27, 2016:  Congratulations to Firefighter John Hemmings on 5 years of service to the District.  We really appreciate your strong commitment!     And,  congratulations to Paramedic Xochitl Baca-Cruz.  We are so excited to add you to the family!

June 22, 2016: 5-Year Service Pin presented to Clerk of the Board, Eric Neilson

June 1, 2016:  Fire Chief, Brian Delfs, was honored with a Congressional First Responder of Distinction Award from Congresswoman Martha McSally.

May 2, 2016:  DiamondBacks Jr. Softball Team photo taken at Fire Station 194 in Red Rock.   Thanks for setting such an awesome example in our community !

Local Softball Team photo












April 27, 2016:  Aleyna Lassen, former Board Vice-Chairman, was presented a plaque in honor of her many years of dedicated service to the District.  Thank you for your many contributions to the Avra Valley Fire District!


Captain Patrick  Calhoun, PIO Officer for the District, attended a press conference on the new PulsePoint app.  Avra Valley Fire is pleased to be one of the southern Arizona agencies that launched PulsePoint today. Please learn CPR (check our website for class dates) and download the PulsePoint App from the App Store.  After opening the App, search for “Greater Tucson.” You will be notified if you are close to someone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and  the locations of nearby AED’s.

April 12, 2016:   Avra Valley firefighters recently enjoyed Fire Safety training with these Cub Scouts.

March 22, 2016:  In the spirit of making our Fire District even better, today we pinned badges on 12 new firefighters.  We are proud to launch passionate people :

Firefighter Kyle Campbell;  Firefighter Na’Derra Carey;  Firefighter Casey Clark; Firefighter William Conley, IV;  Firefighter Tim DelPercio;  Paramedic Christopher Ing;  Firefighter Adrian Koch; Firefighter Anthony Marasa;  Firefighter Patrick Spencer;   Firefighter Cory Wellman.

March 22, 2016:  Thank you to Sara Bauer, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, for 5 years of devoted service to the District.  We appreciate you!

March 7, 2016:    Firefighter Israel Martinez at a school tour event

AVRA  IN  THE  NEWS:   The District recently received a grant to purchase extrication tools.  See the brief article regarding the “Jaws of Life”

Feb 5, 2016:  Children from the Pioneers group at Grace Lutheran Church in Casa Grande tour Fire Station 194 in Red Rock

Jan 20, 2016:  Paramedic Karsten Lippert and Firefighter William Conley address the MCAT class at Marana High School.

Jan 2016 Marana HS MCAT

2015 HIGHLIGHTS:  During 2015, The District opened Station 194 in Red Rock, promoted 3 Captains, promoted 3 reserve firefighters to fulltime, awarded 5-year service pins, and gained a new Board member.  In addition to fire and emergency calls in the community, our firefighters were deployed to several wildland fires.   As well as regular physical training, our firefighters conducted many training events such as swift water rescue and helicopter landing pad safety. The firefighters hosted school tours, a holiday adopt-a-family program, and participated in community events such as the annual chili cookoff.  Also during 2015, Station 194 was chosen to house dust sensors as part of the severe weather warning system operated by the National Weather Service.

2014 HIGHLIGHTS: During 2014 the District promoted 1 Captain and 8 reserve firefighters to fulltime.  In addition to their annual adopt-a- family event, the firefighters participated in several community events including the 9-11 Stairclimb and a Veteran’s Dy Memorial service.  During 2014, the District was able to add 2 new ambulances to their fleet, as well as to completely refurbish frontline Engine 217.  And, in the summer of 2014, the District broke ground on their fourth fire station in the Red Rock area.