Upgraded Bond Rating For Avra Valley Fire District

We are VERY excited to share a bit of news with you related to our District. We just received notification from Moody’s Investor Services that they are upgrading our bond credit rating from a Baa2 to an A3. This change represents a full two tier upgrade which the Moody’s representative said, “happens very seldomly.”   Moody’s noted that our District has performed with  “strong fiscal management, a solid management team and conservative budgeting.”


The holidays bring lots of hustle and bustle to our homes.  Be sure to remain safe by checking out some important cooking safety tips and other fire safety tips from the National Fire Prevention Association.  The NFPA  states that the top 3 days for candle fires are Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  The peak months for home heating fires are December, January and February.  So, stay safe and check out some important Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Home Fires during the holidays.

Avra Valley Fire District News


January 1st, 2018

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We are so proud of our Avra Valley family!  2017 provided many positive changes for the District.  Of significance, our District received an upgraded ISO Rating during 2017.  Please read more by clicking on the top right side menu item.   The 2017 wildland season was tragically intense.  We deployed crews to  fires in several states including Oregon, California and Arizona.  The District has received dozens of thank you notes from residents who were impacted by the devastating fires.  Way to go wildland team!  During the year,  we installed 1 new Board member, awarded a 10-year service pin, promoted 1 Captain, promoted 1 medic, and welcomed 2 new firefighters.   While maintaining both State and District response times, we responded to over 2,300 calls, with 80% of those calls requiring transport.  Our suppression staff maintains a rigorous training schedule.  Included in the montage are photos of hazmat training, confined space training and rope rescue training.  Our firefighters embody the District’s mission of serving with PRIDE.   During the year, we participated in the Marana Founder’s Day Parade, the Red Rock Spring Fling,  conducted several school tours — including donating 150 backpacks to grade school children, and won the annual chili cook-off for the third year in a row!  Thanks for all you do!