We are no longer issuing burn permits until next fall due to the unseasonably warm, dry and windy conditions.  We will begin issuing burn permits again on September 6, 2022.



Avra Valley Fire District Receives $5,000 Bayer Fund Grant





Dear Avra Valley Fire District residents,

We are aware of the unrelenting cascade of news conferences and press releases from local and national government leaders regarding COVID-19. The firefighters and paramedics who service our community 24/7/365 would like for you to know that from our perspective little has changed.

If you are sick or injured we will take you to the hospital. When there are accidents — we respond. When there are fires — we will be there to put them out. We may look a little different — we may be taking precautions — but it’s still us.

As small businesses close, as restaurants and malls close, as schools close, and everyone is encouraged to stay home, please be assured that we are open for business and available whenever you need us.

The following prevention measures are being taken:

  • 911 dispatchers have been and will continue to screen patients who call with related symptoms.
  • If COVID-19 is suspected crews will be wearing personal protective equipment such as masks, eye protection, protective sleeves or gowns. The patient exam will be limited to one caregiver. The patient may be instructed to move outside to fresh air.
  • If the patient needs to go to the hospital, crews will take steps to create an isolation area in the ambulance and will call ahead to the designated hospital so staff there can be prepared for the patient’s arrival.
  • Hospital protocols are prohibiting most visitors and family members from entering the hospitals. You may not be able to accompany family members to the hospital.
  • After the call, crews will follow strict decontamination and disinfection protocols.

Be safe, be healthy, and call us if you need us!

In an emergency, please call 911.

For information and updates about the community response to the COVID-19 outbreak please visit      or call    2-1-1





Avra Valley Fire District News


January 1st, 2022

We are so proud of our Avra family!  Thank you to several firefighters who have recently attained the 10 year milestone.  We appreciate your years of  commitment and service to the District!  Chief Brian Delfs is pictured below with Captain Jason Bowden and Firefighter Ricky Gillmore.  Congratulations also to those firefighters who are not pictured:  Captain Jacob Roberts, Firefighter Ralph Hirales, Paramedic Randal Johnson and Firefighter Izzie Martinez.

Congratulations to Paramedic Kaitlyn Klein on 5 years of service to the District.  Thank you for your commitment!

Thank you to Captain Felix for serving the District for 10 years!  We are so thankful for your dedicated service.  And, a special honor to one of our crews who recently conducted a harrowing swift water rescue. The crew had to use the help of a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera to identify the position of the victims, then wade out in complete darkness following only the voice commands from the helicopter overhead.  Thank you for your stellar performance:  Paramedic Seth Merz, Firefighter Tyler Overstreet, Paramedic Richard Roscoe, Firefighter Orlando Tolano, Captain Chris George and Captain Patrick Calhoun.

Congratulations to our recent new hires!  Firefighter Joshua Rodriguez, Firefighter Dillon Lewis, Firefighter Raiin Rodriguez and Firefighter Matt Olds.  Welcome to the Avra Valley family!

The Avra Valley Fire District is so thankful for our brave first responders.  One crew recently responded to a motor vehicle accident, while another crew performed a swift water rescue.

Congratulations to Captain John Hemmings on 10 years of service to the District!  We really appreciate you! 

Congratulations and sincere thanks to Captain Billy Eader on his recent retirement from the fire service.  We are so thankful for your 27 years of faithful and dedicated service to the Avra Valley community.  You will be missed!  Enjoy your retirement!

Thank you Chief Delfs for 10 years of dedicated service to the Avra Valley Fire District!

Congratulations to Vice-Chairman Sara Bauer for giving 10 years of service to the Avra Valley Fire District and to Director Armendarez for giving 5 years of service.  Thank you for your dedication to the Avra Valley family.   In November 2020, Chairman Luis Castaneda, Jr., and Vice-Chairman Sara Bauer were  re-elected to the Board of Directors for Avra Valley Fire District.  The Honorable Vince Roberts conducted their swearing-in at the Board meeting on December 17, 2020.

The Avra Valley Fire District honored Firefighter Ralph Hirales with the  2020 Firefighter of the Year award.  We are so thankful for your years of service to the District.

Congratulations to Firefighter Chris George who was recently promoted to Captain.  Great job, Chris!

We are so proud of the following firefighters for achieving milestones in their careers.  Congratulations to Captain Lyle Kennedy on completely 20 years of service to the District.  What an accomplishment! Captain Mark Velasquez, Direfighter Mike Ryder and District mechanic recently completed 10 years of service.  And, Paramedic Adrian Koch completed 5 years of service.  A huge thank you to everyone for your deciation and service to the Avra Valley family.  Way to go!

The Avra Valley Fire District is proud to welcome 15 personnel to the family.  Congratulations on your badge pinning January 28, 2021!

Welcome to the Family! Paramedic Jeffrey Little and Paramedic Jadd Sarah. Congratulations on your badge pinning August 28, 2020.

Congratulations to Paramedic Tony Lopez for 5 years of service to the District.  Thank you!!  And, congratulations to Captain Dan Coody for his Award of Service and to Captain David Collings for his Award of Merit.  We are so proud of our Avra family!!! 

Avra Valley Fire District received a 100 Club Grant for swift water gear.  Take a look at the new equipment.

Our firefighters took third place in the annual chili cookoff.  Way to go Avra!

After a rigorous testing process, Firefighter David Collings was recently promoted to Captain.  Congratulations and way to go!

Congratulations for Captain Mike Tharp, Firefighter David Collings, Paramedic Karsten Lippert and Firefighter Chris George on 5 years of outstanding service to the District.  We really appreciate you!

Unit citation awards were issued for:

(1) a large scale motor vehicle accident on I10 in December 2018  involving 6 vehicles and the transporting of 8 patients.  The incident lasted over 7 hours.   

(2)  the successful technical rescue of an individual trapped under a vehicle.  And, Northwest Hospital recognized our firefighters who successfully transported an individaul having an MI from their front door to the hospital cath lab in 28 minutes.


December 28th, 2018 2018 was full of activity for Avra Valley Fire District. Congratulations to Firefighter of the Year, Captain Mike Tharp!  Congratulations to Captain Tony Donaldson for 10 years of service to the District.  Congratulations to Firefighter Cory Wellman who was promoted to Paramedic. Our firefighters conducted a rigorous training schedule including confined space training, hazmat training, …READ MORE


January 1st, 2018 Prior Year Photo Galleries are located under “Your Fire District” We are so proud of our Avra Valley family!  2017 provided many positive changes for the District.  Of significance, our District received an upgraded ISO Rating during 2017.  Please read more by clicking on the top right side menu item.   The 2017 wildland season was …READ MORE