AVFD History

Avra Valley Fire District was established out of the needs of rural residents in the mid 1970’s. In 1977, the fire district was formed to ensure community safety. Throughout the years, Avra Valley Fire District has grown and expanded into our present status. The Avra Valley Fire District has a bright future and is working very hard to ensure the community the best possible fire protection and medical services.

Over just the past year, concentrated efforts have been put on the ever-increasing safety for our personnel. We met our financial priorities, even after lowering the overall tax levy. Station improvements, turnouts, SCBA’s, air compressors, vehicles, and equipment were all upgraded. Safety officers were trained and are now on-call 24 hours per day. A meet and confer resolution was adopted and the District’s first MOU was successfully negotiated with Local 4462. Mutual aid agreements, purchasing agreements and communication agreements were all reinstituted. New revenue sources were identified and we were successful in obtaining over $100,000 in grant funds, and tremendous strides have been made in the utilization of newer technology.

The next year is expected to bring further enhancements in these areas as well as clearly articulated long-term financial plans, written standards of response coverage, and a fresh long-term strategic plan.